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Summer with Family

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by farfromnormal » Sun Jun 18, 2017 9:22 pm

Ok so just posted in Blues cafe isolated and looking for love now this is my angry rant about being home for the summer.

Quick recap: Graduated in May had to move home til job starts in Aug and I'm pulling my hair out due to family

My problem with being home is my family. I love them BUT GOD now I remember why I like living 4.5 hours away in NYC. It's Father's Day weekend starting last week maybe earlier I got a text that said ideas for F.D. No one had an answer so I decided why not do a cook out at my mom's house now they are separated but we still do functions together and usually at mom's cause dad lives in an apartment and doesn't have the space. So i text that and 48 hrs I still hadn't heard from them so I take it upon my self to call my brother Ca. and see what his weekend sched looks like, he does drum corp on the weekend, so then I find out he won't be home til late Sunday night. Now still haven't hear from my sis R. and her wife Me. So then I had to first text Ca and his husband Ch. because they borrowed my dad's power washer and stuff was missing now I KNOW that they are both on their phones non-stop but guess how long it took them to text me back over 10 hours and I finally called Ca. and he's like well what are we doing for F.D. and have you talked to R. I was like no she hasn't responded to me at all. So my dad like to golf on sundays and mondays so i wasn't getting answers from the two of them so i called my dad to see if i could take him out to breakfast on monday and he was like im not sure but don't stress about this. it's not a big deal. I'm flexable, which irked me a bit because I wanted to make this effort and i know he was trying to calm me down cause I was pissed off but still it irked me. So finally I get a hold my brother and he says monday works for him and so i finally call R. and she's like this week doesnt work and if it's after 6 next week I can't because they have triplets and that's when they start their bed routine. Sooooooo we decide to do Monday and my sister will miss out. But guess who is planning the menu and doing the shopping and cooking. Oh yeah that would be me. I am just so SICK of dealing with them and doing things on their time schedules and GOD FORBID if I should not respond to one of their messages right away, I'll get attitude and the world will fall apart apparently and I'll be on their shit list and having to mediate between my brother and sister and my brother in law and sister in law is really on last god damn nerve there is a lot of bad blood that happened years ago but i just want to scream MOVE THE FUCK ON!!!!! You are both married just deal with the bs and move on, but no i get put in the middle of my sister bad mouthing my brother and my brother bad mouthing my sister. And there's me in the middle playing nice with everyone. Everyone just expects me to be there in the middle and play referee and not say anything. I just feel pissed off and irritated and tired of their combine bullshit. JESUS CHRIST THIS IS WHY I LIVE IN NYC!!!!!!! I am far enough away I don’t have to deal with this immature, daily, bullshit drama!
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by Lisa » Sat Oct 28, 2017 2:26 pm

Nice... sorry I was away & missed this post, farfromnormal.

Let me tell you what I've resorted to =] I am the eldest child, so it might not work for you...

I say things like 'You two stupid MFers should grow the F up and stop expecting me to take sides. I really don't care about blah, blah, I have my own isht to deal with right now'. I cuss quite a bit when I am upset =] It's very offensive to some people LOL

On a side note, at this point in time, I only speak to relatives on FB. They all leave me alone now, some invite me here and there, but I usually decline. There have been close calls when I've invited up to 30 people on FB to 'gatherings' I've hosted, but those attending were loving co-workers & students =]

You can't choose your family, but you can certainly pick better friends and loved-ones =]
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