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by AvantGarde » Wed Aug 16, 2017 11:09 pm

Hi, I'm AG!

You probably know me from around here... I'm the one who talks a lot and likes to chat with everyone.

I'm a trauma-in-recovery-kinda-gal, effects of that trauma are the myriad of mental disorders I have and chronic migraines and SI: I'm a sufferer of constant nightmares and downward spirals of BP, accompanied with intrusive thoughts and some compulsions from OCD, lots of anxiety that no doctor can really explain, some eccentricities in character and a good dark humour to make me feel sane. I don't really trust people, so you guys here are basically my support system, thank you in advance for any future episode from some of these things I might face.

Had a big mania a few years ago where I thought I was God, so I have a superiority/inferiority complex that is usually shown when I lose it (we all have issues, right?)... Was hospitalized back then, misdiagnosed, barely treated for my condition, until I managed to have the courage to switch pdoc.

Also: I'm a currently asexual bisexual; animal lover - human to two cats; always been an anarchist until a few years ago when I let go of political activism and all ideologies; have my own spiritual ideology most relatable to Pantheism without it actually being Pantheism; was born in China then came to Europe and have no intention of leaving my small country; did a lot of drugs but have been sober for almost 3 years; big advocate of legal marijuana in my country; I eat organic, shower organic, deodorant organic; used to grow my own food but can't do it anymore since my family's country home is going to be sold some time soon; beleive in sustaintability and in protecting the planet from us crazy humans; and most of all believe that if we want to change the world to a more happy, less crazed place, we need to start with ourselves (go to therapy, kids!); I don't believe everyone is good, pink unicorns and rainbows shit, but I do believe that with a bit of selfless compassion for ourselves and others we can go a long way in making the world better.

Happy to get to know all of you, you're a big part of my life and I'm very thankful to have found this place.

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