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by Spm24 » Wed Aug 16, 2017 2:16 pm

In nineteen ninety two I was sent to see a psychologist. She diagnosed me as being depressed. I saw her a few times and after that I stopped going to her because I felt like it was doing me no good.

After that I went through numerous bouts of mania and depression. I never realized that they were anything other than normal aspects of life. I knew when I was down that something was going on but just thought it was something everyone went through

I had a major bout of mania in late summer and fall of two thousand fifteen. I did not realize it at the time. I fell into major depression. I went to see my GP. She put me on a couple of SSRI's. Which sent me spiralling back to mania we stopped them quickly. She then put me on Seroquel. It had no time to help. Because we had to discontinue it because of a couple side effects. Made me a total zombie. I was sleeping twelve to thirteen hours a day. Which was not good with my work. I was then put on Lamictal. Oh forgot she had diagnosed me as having depression. The depression started in the winter of two thousand and fifteen till the spring of two thousand sixteen.

I found a therapist the spring of two thousand sixteen. She diagnosed me as being bipolar after I brought up it up and told her about my experience of mania the previous fall.

I found this site the end of the summer of two thousand sixteen. This site helped me realize that I needed to see a psychiatrist. With the help of him I have come a long way. With the help of therapy and medication I am semi stable. I have my ups and downs. In June of two thousand seventeen I had a short stay in the hospital.

This site has been so helpful in me reaching and keeping the place I am right now. There are friendships here that I have made. That are as strong as some of the friendships I made growing up.

I have not rode the med go round as long as some have but I do have experience with it. It does work it just takes time.

Just a little of my history.... You can contact me through pm or a post on the forum. I will be glad to help anyway I can...

You can call me Shawn if you would like to.....
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