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Had to drop a class...

School and Bipolar Disorder? How do you do it? Please share your experiences, your victories, and even your disappointmens. We understand how hard it must be from high school to college to grad school. Hope you can share with us and find the support you need.

by Rina » Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:34 pm

My undergrad program requires successfully completing at least 4 semesters of foreign language, so I was going to try to start that this summer in hopes of graduating in 2019 or 2020. (I'll definitely be at least 30 by the time I have my bachelor's, LOL) I was going to take the first 2 levels of ASL over the summer.

I planned to take it starting right after Spring 17, but I was really, really burnt out from the rather crummy semester I had just finished and decided to take a break. I signed up for the 2nd 6 weeks summer class instead and went to it today, but it was quite intensive. Very fast pace, nearly three hours long, three days a week, and kind of early in the morning to be taking in so much new, confusing information. I am just not a morning person... lol Plus I am doing a large, 400-level, summer-long independent study project I have already had to put on hold for a couple weeks because of some bipolar issues, and I knew that was more important to work on. It didn't help that I was on a mood "upswing" when I made the decision to take intensive summer language classes and overestimated what I could do.

So I decided to drop it. Sometimes we have to make inconvenient decisions to keep ourselves from having nervous breakdowns LOL I know it will be good in the long term because it will keep me in school and on track if I don't force myself beyond what I can realistically do. Still, I'm a little disgruntled about having to take so long to get a bachelor's degree!
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by hal » Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:43 pm

Sounds like a good decision, Rina, one you've thought through.
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