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by hal » Fri Dec 29, 2017 8:42 am

What kind of hallucinations do you have?

On a trip we visited a Hmong village, with a tour of the village, a visit to the school and to the village shaman, lunch at the chief’s home, and a tour of the community center where women were weaving. I took lots of pictures on my phone. Looking down, I was surprised to see that Google was working, way out here in rural Laos. In fact, it hadn’t worked at any time in southeast Asia, not even in Thailand. But now it was giving me access to web sites. It invited me to send texts, and I addressed one to daughter. The text screen came up nicely, but when I attempted to speak/write the message I could not. I tried a couple more times, but failed. Then the hallucination was over; I think it lasted about a minute. It had appeared seamlessly: I was skeptical when it first appeared, but it was very real and so I assumed it (access to Google) was really working. As soon as it was over, I knew it had been a hallucination. I told my wife. Looking back, I realize there have been earlier hallucinations, probably going back to earlier manic episodes, since I remember often thinking things were “strange.”
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by Steponme » Fri Dec 29, 2017 10:27 am

I've only hallucinated twice. Once when I was manic, another time when I had a mixed episode. The first time, I heard music while I was running around my neighborhood naked. The second time, voices were telling me not to trust my friends and family.
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by Mocha » Fri Dec 29, 2017 1:00 pm

hal, I haven't had hallucinations in a very long time but I did have them a few times when I was big time manic. Sometimes I thought I knew the meaning of the universe/life and that I was the only one who did.. :roll: .... It wasn't a god thing like many of our members have had though, different and way trippy. Sometimes it would go on for days or weeks. Depended on how long the episode lasted. I didn't always remember everything, but friends usually filled me in later.

I used to pay good money for acid/mushrooms/peyote to trip that hard. Mania was alot cheaper.....:lol:....

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