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Welcome to Bipolar Support.Org!
Please make yourself at home!

by BillyGoat » Thu May 12, 2016 9:35 am

Gday everyone, and welcome to the site. :)

First up, congratulations on having the strength to register. It can feel like a big step, and it is for some people, but with that out of the way you can now start to enjoy a community of people who understand you. People who have lived your doubts, fears, screw-ups, mood-swings, shattered relationships, lost jobs, drug addictions, and a whole lotta other stuff.

We want you to join in, so for your first post, please say hello in this forum, and share whatever you feel comfortable about.

You'll be welcomed, re-assured, and, where possible, given answers.

And please, bring your sense of humour. We're serious about a lot of stuff here, but we also do our best to have fun.


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