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by KittyFox » Sat Oct 08, 2016 9:22 pm

Alice follows the rabbit, because she is a rabbit herself. A rabbit that isn't quite a rabbit, dressed in his waistcoat with his watch. A rabbit that is so different yet it's all "quite natural". She gives no thought because what thought is there to be had when you've spent your life around those that are not like you, could never understand you, and consider you unnatural? Here's the very thing. Something "unnatural" in the same form. BOMBS AWAY!

The Rabbit Hole. How delightful that it's become such a moniker, a phrase, an identifier. Thank you Mr. Carroll, and thank you real Alice. To fall down the rabbit hole, to give chase without thought.

I'm down the Rabbit Hole again. I know how it's ended before, perhaps that gives me advantage? Could things be different this go-round? Am I wiser, or just as foolish as before? Our very instinct tells us not to fling ourselves headfirst down a dark hole of unknown depth. And yet... and yet Override is a permanent feature in my life.
It's not the same otherwise. Life is just not the same. I feel dead. Character flaw? Perhaps. Is there truly sympathy for the Devil? The Devil, after all, is subjective. So perhaps only we, and those like us, can have sympathy for our devils. No one else would understand, would they?
I am falling down the Rabbit Hole. I am chasing without thought. The Hatter is really the Chesire Cat, and perhaps that's why.
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by Spm24 » Sun Oct 09, 2016 4:16 am

Very astute once again.
Alice's adventure in wonderland is such a description of what many of us go through during our life.
Your correct most people can not understand the effects this has on us. The devil's that we get to battle on a daily basis.
Snowflakes gently floating from the sky just dusting the ground. Then it picks up bigger fatter flakes cascading from space at a faster rate. From a dusting to a trace. Then the deluge comes. Oh what joy. Watching everything slow to a crawl, then a stop. Step outside and even with things moving it is quiet. It is a giant muffler the earth is wearing. Causing everything to be muted.To be calm.
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by KittyFox » Sun Oct 09, 2016 4:41 pm

Why thank you. It is, in such a fanciful way too.
Yes. At least there are places like this forum and people like you guys to share with. :D
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by KittyFox » Sun Oct 09, 2016 5:52 pm

Rabbit hole, rabbit hole. How deep you do go. The hours they slide by without glance or word. My arms flail out and I frantically reach for something, anything, someone, anyone because I am falling falling falling. Desperation is the fare on the menu as I grasp nothing but air and fall down deeper still. Silent utterances of "Help! Help!! HELP!!!" drift out through my skull and tinkle like musical notes upon the air.
It's dark down there. I don't like the dark, I don't want the dark. Not anymore. The dark is cold and lonely and all I ever am is cold and lonely. Exponentiality creates pain. Slowly penetrating pain. Slowly, thickly, white hot like a high flame or subzero cold.
Can you hear me? Do you even know it's you I'm calling out for? Inexplicably, strangely, mutely and detached but from matching up like a Siren and a Song. I do not wish to own you, I refuse to be owned. I seek only song, to lose it all within the notes and the movements and the crystalline fractal of frozen time upon existing together. Give me great heights instead of the falling down low. I plead, I beg, I cry.

But it's just me here. Talking to the walls.
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by rivera885 » Sun Oct 30, 2016 9:58 pm

Ever time I start a new hypo-manic episode I think: "here I go down the rabbit hole." It's so predictable.

I've created a schedule, a network of friends, a therapist, and much exercise to manage my manic self. When normal me is not around, I hope hyper me remembers why we've made an agreement: minimize damage.

You're not bad! I keep reminding myself at the end of a hypo episode, "you can't be too harsh on yourself." We are different. Try to make friends with your manic/down self. We are bipolar, we have multiple selves. Don't let the one-polar people tell you how to live your life!
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by Pancake » Mon Oct 31, 2016 2:01 am

I do enjoy Carroll's particular brand of madness. Jabberwocky somehow puts me in mind of Vogon poetry.

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