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by Tigger » Wed Jan 25, 2017 12:07 pm

My son seems to be doing better lately. Meaning, for the past week. Which is a big deal--a whole week! But it gives me alot of hope that the lamictal increase has finally kicked in and perhaps he's entering a more stable period.

I had a heart to heart with him and told him a couple of things:

1. Leaving the classroom to go to the nurse should only happen if it's an emergency, not because he is feeling down. Try to stick it out.
2. I will not pick you up early from school unless it's an emergency.
3. The expectation for him is to be in school full time. That's the goal and he needs to work toward that too. Each week we're going to increase the time he's there.
4. He will not go to middle school with his friends unless he catches up in school. That means he has to be in school full time--soon. If not, he will have to go to a different school. husband is away this week for work. I'm the only one making the rules and I'm not changing them. I can't say if being a hard ass with him has improved his mood, or if I instinctively knew that I he was better so I could push him more. Regardless, things are better.

Wish us all luck.

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by Mocha » Wed Jan 25, 2017 12:25 pm

Tigger, I'm so glad the Lamictal seems to be kicking in.....fingers crossed.....

I think you were being perfectly reasonable. Again, that's from being a mom of a kid with problems and a step mom of a kid with bp. And with me having bp myself. So I see both sides of the coin.

Of course you know that. I just want to repeat it for others who may be reading and think we're being a little tough on a kid with bp. I know if your son is truly struggling it would be a different story. But again, I believe those are reasonable expectations.

And I know you didn't state those expectations in a threatening manner. And I'm sure you didn't try to overload him with unreasonable expectations in other parts of his life. Always a bad thing for us. One thing at a time........ :)

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by Tigger » Thu Jan 26, 2017 11:23 am

:lol: No, no threats were used to relay my expectations!

He's continuing to do so well! He actually gave a little skip this morning on his way into the school building. And he told me that he wants to stay for gym class tomorrow--an unpreferred activity!

Next week he's agree to stay for lunch and recess. I can't believe it. AND he started work on a long-term school project today for homework :o

I just hope he stays stable for a while. Poor kid has been through the wringer.

So, I have to ask, when you feel stable, do you find that life just "falls into place" for you? And I mean that as the generic "you". Is it like a light switch?

Mom to 12 year old boy with bipolar
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by Pancake » Thu Jan 26, 2017 12:05 pm

I'm glad things are looking up. I know you will stay alert, and I hope he has some positive experiences at school that help too.

Yes, sometimes, for some of us, the right drug can do wonders. It's probably a bit early to tell for sure if the lamictal is your magic potion. Even if it is, bear in mind that sometimes things change. Personally, I find that even on the 'right' meds, I swing - but it's so much more moderate and bearable. Therapy is also a must for me.

I'm very happy for you and I hope he continues to do well (:
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