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Talk about meds, side effects, and the 'med-go-round'.

by Mom2dani » Sun Sep 10, 2017 6:32 am

I am not a fan of this stuff. The first night I took it, it was fine. Totally knocked me out, calmed my brain. But note, I had also spent the night in the ER the night before they were prescribed and was given Ativan while there. Plus, just got the diagnosis of BP2 so I think my poor brain was just overwhelmed and overloaded and just shut down for the night after taking it. 2nd taking it, fell right asleep but woke with major anxiety ( felt like the heart was beating right out of my chest) but I persevered and kept taking it. But the heart beating and feeling anxious the next day did not subside.

Then the night before with being in a constant half awake/half sleep state where all I dreamt about was my estranged husband put in such a funk.

I can not get a hold of my pdoc have tried twice. Left a msg on machine and with the receptionist. I'm scared to take it so last night I didn't.

I have a Lunesta for sleep that my primary just prescribed. And xanax. I know it's a no no to take the benzo because it wasn't prescribed by the pdoc. I'm just at my wits end with this med. I'm scared I'm going to get hooked on the xanax and I'm scared the Lunesta will sure put me to sleep but how will I feel in the morning?

I'm calling her again tomorrow just to see if I can have something other than that Hydro or see if she will be ok with me taking the benzo and have her refill that or prescribed even something else.

Sorry just had to vent because this Hydro seems to be doing more harm than good.
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by Pancake » Sun Sep 10, 2017 10:13 am

No experience with this one. Sorry though, that sucks.

If you can't get on to the pdoc, can your primary help with guidance? Or even the pharmacist, they tend to know about side effects and drug interactions.

Iirc you still have a couple of weeks until your next pdoc appointment? I'd be getting a bit cross in your position I think. I'm a bit scared of "new meds" due to some bad experiences and would want more careful oversight.
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